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About Us


We strive to satisfy all our customers by delivering well
researched solutions to customer challenges in a sustainable manner that
maximizes stakeholder value. Through the following principles:


To all our existing and prospective clients our promise is that your solution is just a call away.

We have a well experienced, competent and compassionate, built together with client water and sanitation needs in mind. This amazing team is always dedicated to your satisfaction.

Our solutions are user friendly, requiring no special expertise on the part of our clients to operate. We use state of the art equipment that produces high quality water, guaranteeing value for money

No matter what the water purification needs of a client are, in terms of quality and quantity, we work together to with the client to work out the best solution at the best cost.


Ruma Water and Sanitation believes in mutually beneficial teamwork with customers to prescribe, design, and install customized products that include, but are not limited to:

Get in touch with us and we will let you know about our available water purification systems and sanitation solutions

Access to clean water and sanitation remains a huge challenge in the developing world for household and workplaces. If not properly managed, water and sanitation problems cause water borne diseases that keeps people from maximizing productive time. As a result this challenge also gives an opportunity to those who are enterprising to bridge the gap in fulfilling the unmet water and sanitation needs. Our systems are a wide range of solutions that meets household, workplace, commercial and industrial water and sanitation needs.

Please Feel Free to Call Us

Do not let distance be barrier. Feel free to call us or text us on Whatsapp for a quick and convenient response to get assistance as early as possible. 

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